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  • Charlie Dardis

Meatless May

We've all heard of 'No Meat Monday' as a way of cutting down on our carbon footprint, but we're going to ask you to go the extra mile and commit yourself to 'No Meat May'. This means for the month of May you're going to steer clear of including meat in your grocery shop.

Eating less meat is the best thing you can do for the planet these days, and its made so easy with so many meat alternatives on the market as well as fantastic recipes and 'foodies' out there to get inspiration from!

Scientists have stated that a huge reduction in meat consumption is "required if the world is to stave off dangerous climate change, with beef consumption in western countries needing to drop by 90%, replaced by five times more beans and pulses."

By cutting meat out of your diet you'll find you're more inventive with your cooking as you figure out alternatives that fit in with your lifestyle and taste preferences.

While cutting your meat consumption has a positive impact on the environment, it will also have a positive affect on your health & your wallet! Meat is typically much more expensive than vegetables are!

Try it out & give up meat for the month of May!

Find out more on how you can make a difference to our planet with what you eat HERE.


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