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Big City Tycoon Collect Presents _TOP_

In the game presents act as a hidden collectable spread across the map. These 103 presents that provide different amounts of cash when collected, with some also unlocking clothing. Some are in difficult to reach locations which require the ability to fly, therefore it is certainly useful to own and use the jetpack top part of the Alien outfit. When all presents are collected the player unlocks the Propeller Hat, regardless of whether more presents are added in a future update.

Big City Tycoon Collect Presents

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You earn money by completing the orders(port orders) or by imposing the tax. You can collect the tax after every certain amount of time from the main center. You can also check the city worth there. To increase the city worth or the tax amount, attract more residents and tourists. All you need to do is keep producing the items in producing centers; for example; you can produce donuts/cake in the restaurant. Upgrading material in the supply shop. Farming items in the farmers market. Just tap the building to get more details. Certain items are required to produce some items. For example; to produce gold karaoke, you need a dress and a cake. If there is a missing item, then tap and hold it to know where to produce.

Upon adding a member to the family (getting married, having children, etc.) the player "collected presents" from each of the other players. At marriage, this amount was determined by spinning the wheel: spinning 1, 2, or 3 was worth $2,000 per opponent; 4, 5, or 6 was worth $1,000; 7 through 10 earned nothing. In the case of children, the player was awarded a flat $1,000; if the player had twins or adopted two children, the amount was doubled. A house cost a flat $40,000, and buying one was one of the red spaces (i.e. all players had to buy a house at the time they landed on or passed this space.)

A major change to the game in this version is the collection of "LIFE Tiles" as one progresses through the game. Every time a player lands on a space marked with the LIFE logo they collect a LIFE tile, (a small rectangular game piece with the "LIFE" logo on one side and an event on the other along with a sum of money collected from this accomplishment). (These also replace the previous "collecting presents" rule.) On each of these tiles is a major life event (e.g. climbing Mt. Everest, curing the common cold, building a better mousetrap, etc.). Each of these tiles bears an amount from $50,000 to $250,000. The tiles are not revealed until all players have "retired", at which point they are flipped over and their total is added to the player's money total.

Several features of the 1980s version were also resurrected for this version of the game, such as "collecting presents" for marriage and kids (one spin at $2,000 times spin for marriage, one spin at $1,000 times spin for a child, two spins at $1,000 per spin for twins) and exacting "Revenge" on other players (If one landed on a Pay Day space, one would take an amount of money equal to one's salary from a player of one's choice. Players retired at Countryside Acres were presumably immune from being selected). Also the routine for retiring changed. Retired players still spun the wheel on their turn, this time to gain or lose money. The difference between Countryside Acres and Millionaire Estates is that the former only had one space in which the player could lose money, but the payouts were lower. The latter offered bigger payouts, but also had more numerous and severe penalty spaces, thus adding more risk to retiring here. This changed retiring strategy quite a bit, making come-from-behind victories possible if Millionaire Estate retirees' luck turned for the worse:

For fans of more traditional Roblox tycoons, Game Company Tycoon is a great choice. Players start at the bottom of the industry, collecting small amounts of revenue from their computer in a garage until they master the art of programming. Slowly but surely, that garage will grow into an office complete with staff and amenities, optional PVP mechanics, and a full map for people to explore (while keeping a close eye on their company and its activities using their smartphone). Just be wary of neighboring players who might do anything to get ahead of the competition.

There are only a trio of daily quests to accomplish. Each target you clear earns you shovels and completing all 3 earns you even more. Shovels can then be exchanged for rare decorations that are difficult or impossible to earn elsewhere. You will not just be trying to earn shovels for one rare decoration for your city, though, as obtaining the first one opens up a path towards another rare décor and there is a long list of rare decors to unlock and collect.

Every so often, City Island 5 hosts unique special events that add more sizzle to your city-building experience. Despite the plethora of unique residential, commercial, and community structures you can unlock and build in your city, there is always room for excitement to have unique ones to add to your collection. Daily quests and achievements can give you direction and guidance on how to grow and develop your cities and special events work about the same way.

The objective of the game was to defeat Bloxhilda, a wicked witch whose goal was to conquer and rule the city of Bloxburg, where the game takes place. Players could collect costumes and be assisted by NPCs (Roblox admins) in order to complete this task. The game contained several key components to game-play. One of these concepts was that of companions. Companions were animals that were created to aid players in completing their required tasks. They could be customized and upgraded by players as they gain more experience. 041b061a72


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