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Educational Resources AvailableYear: 2019Clean Air Act, Section 103(b)(3), Clean Water Act, Section 104(b)(3)The Shore Corps project aims to engage the community by stabilizing and expanding the existing dune system protecting local neighborhoods from storm surge and wave action. Restoration efforts will work to make the dunes more biodiverse with complex networks of root systems to prevent erosion. The restorations will also be an avenue for job training for local youth. The project will serve the predominantly very low to moderate income community of color situated in the environmental justice impact areas on the eastern end of the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens, New York. Proposed outcomes are to: 1) Stabilize 2 miles of dunes system along the Atlantic Ocean through the planting of 20,000 sprigs of grasses and 140 bushes to better withstand wave action, storms, and erosion, 2) Engage at least 400 local residents in 4 plantings and cleanups throughout the project, 3) Train 40 local youth in environmental conservation and dune restoration, and 4)Increase long-term emergency preparedness and climate adaptation awareness through a community conference for at least 75 attendees.

Complex - CC Cleanup Vol. 33.82 MB 2...



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